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Corley, Wanda Principal
Boswell, Joseph Assistant Principal

Bowers, Abbey Fifth Grade
Cantrell, Allison Fifth Grade Social Studies and Writing
Coley, Jessey Fourth Grade
Coursey, Sara Fifth Grade
Crenshaw, Raven Kindergarten
Dansby, Lynne First Grade
Durant, Jamie 4th Grade
Elmore, Deana Sixth grade
Floyd, Ginny Special Education
Hodge, Halee Third Grade
Jackson, Tammy First grade
Jones, Ucella Second grade
Kelly, Kelly Reading Coach
Kimbro, Digger Physical Education Teacher
Lester, Rebecca Second Grade
Longchamp, Lindsey Media Specialist
Miles, Alberta Fourth grade
Miller, Katie Sixth Grade
Mills, Keisha Second Grade Teacher
Milton, Beth Gifted Specialist
Morrow, Dusty Fifth Grade
Pittman, Wendy Special Education Teacher
Powell, Lisa Music & Art
Register, Teresa Kindergarten
Rhodes, Mallory Third Grade
Rogers, Sydney Pre-K Teacher
Tatum, Jessica First grade
Thomas, Angela Kindergarten
Trotter, Sandra Third grade Science/Writing
Walker, Jessica Sixth grade

Burnett, TeAndrea Spe Ed Aide
Butts, Danielle Counselor
Coggins, Deborah Bookkeeper
Ellis, Haley Pre-K Auxillary Teacher
Green, Hannah School Secretary
Johnson, Bonnie CNP
McConnell, Dacoda Spe Ed Aide
Moates, Pam Nurse
Roundtree, Karen CNP Assistant Manager
Suell, Alexa Aide
Taylor, Lucille CNP Manager
Tucker, Florence CNP
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